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Lindsey Dawes

BD Accredited Trainer with L3 UKCC, BD Youth Assessor, list 3 judge, and Advanced rider who has trained her own horse to Grand Prix.


"I enjoy working with riders to develop their potential with their horse – at whatever level.  I am happy teaching Intro to Advanced riders.  My satisfaction comes from seeing them and their horses develop and achieve various goals along the way.  Some times their goals are competitive but often they are also personal. 


I enjoy problem solving and am quite analytical in my quest to understand and thereby improve the whole picture.  I work with the riders in a constant dialogue to understand what they are feeling and noticing.   Generally I don’t believe that horses are just naughty - although they do have opinions!  So I will often look beyond the ridden picture to the whole range of management issues – physical, equipment, nutrition etc.


Horse and rider are then worked gymnastically to increase suppleness and strength following a consistent programme that is logical and not over complicated. Emphasis is placed on horses being responsive to the leg aids, equally supple both sides and working actively forwards to an even contact to encourage horses to develop a loose, rhythmical and regular way of going. My own background as a competition rider who suffered a serious back injury gives me empathy for riders who struggle with both physical and confidence issues.  I work with riders to improve their position and balance on a horse to enhance the harmony between horse and rider.


I work to a strong moral code of conduct treating all riders fairly and with respect. I am DBS checked, maintain first aid, child protection and insurance."


Cost £45 for private 45 minute lessons at Fairoak or £40 for liveries. Lessons cancelled on less than 24 hours notice will be charged in full.


If you are interested, please e-mail Lindsey on or call on 07803 698333 or book online.


    Spencer Wilton


    Spencer Wilton - Olympic Silver medallist and International Grand Prix rider - £105

    Leanne Wall - pony, junior and young rider selector and list 1 judge - £65


    Suzanne Lavandera - stallion producer and young horse specialist - £65


    Annual Planning and Goal Setting - modern approach to training setting performance goals and planning for the season ahead - £45


    Test Riding Clinics - half hour sessions with a list 3 judge to help you hone your skills or just good arena practice. £30


    Email Lindsey on to book or book online.


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Lindsey Dawes


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