Sponsors and Suppliers

Sponsors and Suppliers


We are very fortunate to have the following sponsorships. If you are interested in joining us as a sponsor or just in advertising opportunities, please do get in touch.

Elite Equine sponsor Melissa and Bodyguard who benefit from their Equine Rosehip product. This natural powdered feed supplement is great for a variety of anti inflammatory, infections and swelling and boosts the immune system.

Body Worker – Krista Jones, From The Ground Up Rehab services

We are extremely fortunate to have Krista treat our horses with massages on a regular basis. Like humans, the horses will get tight when they are worked hard and Krista’s help is invaluable to ease tired and tight muscles. She knows the horses well and what is normal for them and this in conjunction with stretching ridden work and in hand plus pole work keeps them supple and in tip top condition. Click here for more information about Krista and the team and if you are booking an appointment just mention “Fairoak” for a discount!

Photographs – Amy Guare Photography

Most of the pictures on this website come from talented young photographer Amy Guare. We have been thrilled with her images which often capture a moment perfectly and we hope that you enjoy them as well. You can view more of Amy’s work, including many pictures from events at Fairoak, here.

UK Hanoverians

We are lucky to have a long standing relationship with UK Hanoverians and Suzanne Lavandera. Suzanne is pictured here on World Breeding 5 yo champion DiMaggio. Many of our youngsters are bred from stallions standing at UK Hanoverians and we also often purchase unbacked youngsters and foals for ourselves and our clients.

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