BD Show 9 April – important updates

BD Show 9 April – important updates

Posted on: 2 April 2021



The Government restriction on use of indoor schools means that we closed entries early and moved the short arena indoor tests to the outside long arena.  The replacement tests are below.


N23 instead of N24

E43 instead of E42

M69 instead of M63

AM92 instead of AM90


If you do not wish to switch tests/compete outside that is fine – just e-mail me by end of day Saturday (tomorrow) and I will carry forward your entry or refund you (less admin charge of £3 per class).  Anyone not replying in time will be transferred to the new test as I have to have the entries sorted out and finalised on Sunday so that I can order score sheets etc Monday.  So if you have an owner, rider or friends competing please can you check that they know also?

Please note that if everyone currently entered competes then we are looking at roughly 8am to 7pm times! Please therefore avoid if at all possible entering and not competing on the day as we will not be able to back fill the gaps at that point.




Due to the European EHV outbreak we need to ask you to complete the attached EHV form and return to us 24 hours before arrival – in effect by Wednesday 7th at 4pm. This means that you need to take your horses temperature before returning the form to me on Wednesday 7th and take it AGAIN before travelling – to ensure that it is not running a temperature above 38.5C. This measure is designed to protect your horses from possible infection from other competitors horses. Failure to submit a form will unfortunately result in the entry being forfeited. If I have note received a form by the time I publish times on Wednesday night your entry will be forfeited and no time allocated.




Please also take the time to read the attached Covid letter. I am sorry there is so much to take in for this show but most of you ask about where you can see results, what happens to score sheets etc so its all in there. We are delighted that the boys from Yeomans Café can be there on the day in the lorry park field. We just need the weather to be kind now!




As it will be such a long day, I would be grateful for any offers of help especially in the morning for the Novice classes or the late afternoon for the rather super looking FEI PYO class. I need a steward to open and close the top arena gate and a writer.  Stewards will be rewarded with a free show entry and writers will receive a bottle of wine.


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